Investing can be risky but everyone wants to invest in something at some point of time. It can also be that you will end up making quite a bit of profit. In today’s world there are quite a bit of things you can invest in. And one such investing platform comes in the name of crypto currencies.

Ripple is a crypto currency company which develops digital money which are crypto currencies. It is very similar to Bitcoin but has a better transaction performance than Bitcoin. In terms of crypto currencies at world level ripple stands at third position. To create profit from the platform ripple was created by a private company. After all the pros and cons is it a wise thing to invest in nipples for future investments?

The crypto currency market has its ups and downs over the years. In 2019 the crypto currency market experienced a devastating crash and the price dropped down drastically. However even after the dip the currency still alive. However investing is not the actual aim of the crypto currency. It is meant to be used as a normal currency for payments. In terms of value the coins are slowly climbing up the ladder and this is probably the best time to invest in ripple if you want. With its high potential it is possible that crypto currencies will replace your normal traditional currencies in the near future.

How to buy ripple currencies?

It is simple you just have to buy it. Also buying is the simplest way you can invest in ripple currency. You can buy your share and hope that the value will shoot up in the near future. All you have to do is wait as it is a long term investment. Unlike your traditional currencies crypto currencies are not given by banks for the government. However it is risky to invest in ripple as you don’t know when the price will go up or even if it will in the near future. When it comes to ripple it is a bit more complicated to invest in than the most popular crypto currencies.

You have to remember that ripple cannot be purchased with fiat currency is like USD or u EUR. You have to buy a specific amount of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and with the Bitcoin you will buy the ripple if you want. Even though it can be a bit tricky than other purchases it is not mind bending. As for where you can buy ripple is considered by many as the best website where you can buy ripple. This Europe based trading platform is perhaps the most fast and secure in terms of transactions. The other not so popular way to invest is if you are going to start up any project or business. New scenes are emerging for startups with the help of crypto currencies. New and creative ideas are emerging on these platforms and individuals are showing more interest in the crypto world. It is a great way for starters to increase their potential revenue. Currently there are hundred billion XRP in the market which is also growing by the minute. This means that the value is also increasing. It is not like anyone can simply mine ripple. Crypto start ups are very idea driven. 

However, before investing you should remember that crypto currency market is a very volatile one. And variable is not an exceptional case. There is very little the creators can do to influence or distribute the coins prices. Therefore before you think about investing in ripple it is better to do your research properly and make a move. It is also advised to look for expert opinion, analysis and statistical trends. It is best to never invest more than what you are willing to lose.

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Best Altcoin Swaps Platforms

A wise investor knows how much to invest, where and when to invest. Staying up to date with the rise and fall of the market values of the stock always helps. Same goes for investing in digital currency. Post Bitcoin, many new crytptocurrencies have put up good fight against it and established their own domain. 

In these changing circumstances, changing or swapping altcoins is a very good option.  There are many altcoin swapping platforms available for you in the internet . Here is a compilation of different sites which you’ll find useful. 


One of the best as well as unique swappers in cryptocurrency world. Users can convert Bitcoins along with hundred other altcoins.  You are allowed to do it anonymously with the best and the most feasible rates. You’ll definitely like it’s user-friendly interface which is also very intuitive as it offers a vast range of crypto pairs. It supports many cryptocurrencies like BTC,  ADA, DASH, ETC etc. 


Serving more than 190 countries, Kraken provides one of the longest standing and  diverse cryptocurrency exchanges. Because of its strict regulations and dependable security, it is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platform available out there. 

Kraken has almost four million users, because of its policy of decreasing the transaction fees with every subsequent exchange depending on its amount, which falls to zero if the transaction is worth  $10,000,000 or greater. 


Coinbase is believed to be the most efficient and reliable altcoin swapping site with a whopping 5.9 million users as of 2020. It’s widespread , used in almost 30 countries totally $6 billion worth of altcoin trade. The statistics speak for themself. It provides high liquidity along with high purchasing limits. With a registered credit card, you can avail instant purchase. But a drawback is that it tracks  your bitcoin spendings.  


Founded in 2015, Changelly is one of the well known platforms,  which has a fixed-rate mechanism to protect users from the risk of market values variations during the moments when the tokens are being swapped. Changelly supports over 150 cryptocurrencies and charges only 0.25% for all swaps invariably. 

To avail this, you need an email account. Changelly has a partnership with Simpex, so it allows users to use credit card for purchases. Recently, the platform launched its own app for iOS and a second edition for Android. 


You need an email address with which you are supposed to register to the site. As a token of welcome to every new user, Binance will give you 1QTUM, which is it’s currency. Binance also offers a Community coin on a monthly basis. It has customer services in more than one language. The mobile apps for Binance is available for both Android and iOS. Surprisingly, it provides one of the lowest transaction fees compared to most sites- 0.1% 


Trading becomes very easy through Kucoin apps for Android and iOS. Although it doesn’t have a security control as strong as the rest, you still have the freedom of trading numerous cryptocurrencies after a quick up. It offers altcoins like DragonChain and KCS too. 

It’s trading fee stands at 0.1%. But if you pay or hold KCS you become eligible for discounts. It offers free deposits. You just need an email account to open an account here, along with a BTC or any other cryptocurrency. 

Swapping sites have definitely made transactions easier and also offered altcoins other than Bitcoin to have a better outreach in the digital market. Although coinbase is the most used platform, you can use any of the above platforms depending on how much you want to exchange and the respective rates of exchange.

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With the heated discussion about crypto currency and block chain lately, the topic of taxes and financial impact has perked up. The crypto currency continues to gain traction in everyday life. However, there is still no solid guidance and adequate advice for tax professionals. With different theorize, here are seven things you should know about crypto currency tax.

1) The two tax forms. Majority investors in crypto currency are investor themselves.  To report on digital trades, they use Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets Form 8949. They describe the assets they’ve traded along with the dates they acquired and sold it. They also include things such as the cost of doing the trade, how much they made, and their net gain or loss. Other than that, the form is also distinguished in short-term and long-term capital gains and losses.  The second form concerns crypto trades is Form 1040 Schedule D.  This has short-term and long-term gains and loss with the going off information from Form 8949.

2) As the IRS confirmed, value of $600 or more done through virtual payment, which includes wages, annuities, rent, salaries, and compensation, it must be reported to the IRS. If there are no independent contractors, it must be reported on Form 1099-MISC by using the fair market value on the date of payment.

3) Crypto currency can also be subjected to income tax. This is for the miners who are paid through bitcoins for their work which makes it eligible for income tax. Mining also can be qualified for self- employment which also requires self employed tax.

4) All crypto currency sales and trades are taxable. You have to report all your gains and losses on your trades to the IRS. If you are exchanging a crypto currency for another one is also taxable. This includes converting it back to USD or spending crypto currency. 

5) The IRS is more focused on keeping tabs on every trade. It was reported that over $20,000 was traded without proper taxation. If you try to avoid crypto currency tax or indulge in other forms of fraud, you can be sentenced to a maximum sentence of five years in prison or a maximum fine of $250,000. If you are not filing for crypto currency taxes, the IRS is sure to keep a very sever watch on your activities.

6)  The crypto currency tokens are potentially tax free. With the upgraded crypto currency guidance by IRS a lot has changed in crypto currency space. The crypto currency that represents a service or asset and not a currency do not come under federal law tax. This it is a virtual currency that has equivalent value in real currency or act as a substitute for real currency. However, it is best to consult a qualified and certified accountant or lawyer before making any decisions regarding what you choose to include or exclude from the crypto currency taxes.

7) Paying taxes for crypto currency is like paying any other type of capital gains or income tax. However, there is one major difference. It is up to the investors to compile the information themselves. This needs planning and recording over thousands of data. You need to determine if you are a trader, employee or a crypto currency miner first. 

As for now, the finer details of the crypto currency tax are not known. Many of IRS’s stands on certain status are not unclear. However, it can be assured that sooner or later, like most tax related issues, it will become more clear and simple for the public to understand.  

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Ethereum differs from most of cryptocurrency. The currency in itself has been enhanced by installing a feature known as ‘smart contract feature’ which has become one of the most selling and an essential factor for its increasing popularity. 

It is an open-source block chain based platform which has been created to carry out the trades of the cryptocurrency ETHER. Like Bitcoins, it is traded on exchanges and carries the characteristics of digital currencies stored in digital wallets. Again, Ether is not issued or regulated by government regulated banks or other authorities. 

A smart contract is an algorithm which supports other commercial contracts within the blockchain networks. Ethereum keeps launching different programs which are decentralised in nature. They cant be changed or manipulated.  It has improved the supply management of the cryptocurrency world. 



Binance has been known to rule the crypto world and the markets. The market is very comfortable for beginners and excellent for advance users. The beginners will find the site very user friendly. Binance has been ranked in the top 5 exchanges time and again by the CMC. Binance also gives you a feature where you can use BNB tokens to trade. Users will receive 50% discount on their trading fees which is quiet an amount. Binance is one of the easiest apps to use on phones as well.


This exchange is one of the oldest sites which offers entry into the trading world of cryptocurrencies. The volume of cryptocurrencies in this site is quiet high. The exchange always ranks among the top 10 on the CMC hence it is definitely reputed. Users are guided by the instructions given by time at every point. Registering on Bitfinex will take time as they make sure to verify your ID and authenticate you as a user. The process as a whole will take up to 10-15 days. It is also available as a mobile app on android and IOS. It is accessible to all countries with an exception of some. 

CMC Markets

CMC markets is known as a multi asset broker. The market has attained experience over 30 years of trading. It is regulated by the strict policies of UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The funds are safe here and are segregated. There is high level security and safety is guaranteed. It is a publicly-traded company on the London Stock Exchange.
Ethereums can be traded in the CMC markets with the use of spread bets or CFD account. The account offers trade on more than 9,000+ trading instruments covering Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Shares etc.

  • It is regulated and publically traded on the London Stock exchange
  • 9000+ trading assets and instruments.
  • Feature-rich proprietary Next Generation trading platform
  • News and analysis from experts and analysts.


Through e Toro.
One of the most famous method to use Paypal to buy ethereum futures is using e Toro. It is used extensively. E Toro was a CFD’s broker in 2019 and has grown rapidly since then. It started developing a lot of trading services. Investors can buy their asset whenever they wish to and then withdraw it by connecting to their Paypal account. Wallet supports Ethereum and the site is very friendly for beginners. 

Through LocalBitcoins.
LocalBitcoins site acts like a peer-to-peer exchange site. If the person you connect with on the site is willing to accept or pay you in your Paypal wallet for the exchange of their currency, then the conversion will be initiated by the site. But, the site will demand you to register on altcoin exchange like Binance. 

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