Best Altcoin Swaps Platforms

A wise investor knows how much to invest, where and when to invest. Staying up to date with the rise and fall of the market values of the stock always helps. Same goes for investing in digital currency. Post Bitcoin, many new crytptocurrencies have put up good fight against it and established their own domain. 

In these changing circumstances, changing or swapping altcoins is a very good option.  There are many altcoin swapping platforms available for you in the internet . Here is a compilation of different sites which you’ll find useful. 


One of the best as well as unique swappers in cryptocurrency world. Users can convert Bitcoins along with hundred other altcoins.  You are allowed to do it anonymously with the best and the most feasible rates. You’ll definitely like it’s user-friendly interface which is also very intuitive as it offers a vast range of crypto pairs. It supports many cryptocurrencies like BTC,  ADA, DASH, ETC etc. 


Serving more than 190 countries, Kraken provides one of the longest standing and  diverse cryptocurrency exchanges. Because of its strict regulations and dependable security, it is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platform available out there. 

Kraken has almost four million users, because of its policy of decreasing the transaction fees with every subsequent exchange depending on its amount, which falls to zero if the transaction is worth  $10,000,000 or greater. 


Coinbase is believed to be the most efficient and reliable altcoin swapping site with a whopping 5.9 million users as of 2020. It’s widespread , used in almost 30 countries totally $6 billion worth of altcoin trade. The statistics speak for themself. It provides high liquidity along with high purchasing limits. With a registered credit card, you can avail instant purchase. But a drawback is that it tracks  your bitcoin spendings.  


Founded in 2015, Changelly is one of the well known platforms,  which has a fixed-rate mechanism to protect users from the risk of market values variations during the moments when the tokens are being swapped. Changelly supports over 150 cryptocurrencies and charges only 0.25% for all swaps invariably. 

To avail this, you need an email account. Changelly has a partnership with Simpex, so it allows users to use credit card for purchases. Recently, the platform launched its own app for iOS and a second edition for Android. 


You need an email address with which you are supposed to register to the site. As a token of welcome to every new user, Binance will give you 1QTUM, which is it’s currency. Binance also offers a Community coin on a monthly basis. It has customer services in more than one language. The mobile apps for Binance is available for both Android and iOS. Surprisingly, it provides one of the lowest transaction fees compared to most sites- 0.1% 


Trading becomes very easy through Kucoin apps for Android and iOS. Although it doesn’t have a security control as strong as the rest, you still have the freedom of trading numerous cryptocurrencies after a quick up. It offers altcoins like DragonChain and KCS too. 

It’s trading fee stands at 0.1%. But if you pay or hold KCS you become eligible for discounts. It offers free deposits. You just need an email account to open an account here, along with a BTC or any other cryptocurrency. 

Swapping sites have definitely made transactions easier and also offered altcoins other than Bitcoin to have a better outreach in the digital market. Although coinbase is the most used platform, you can use any of the above platforms depending on how much you want to exchange and the respective rates of exchange.

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